Leicht at Eurocuchina: CEO Introduces Architecture + Kitchen III Book

We were lucky enough to interview the Leicht CEO Stephan Waldenmeier about the new book. The latest release of Leicht’s Architecture + Kitchen III coffee table book features a full look inside the 8 of the most acclaimed Leicht designs of the past few years.

You get such a sense of satisfaction speaking with Stephan. With LEICHT they have made something great. Now it is to share the concept and help people live better. This year LIECHT was able to bring kitchens from the book to life at the show for the whole worlds to see.

The LEICHT showroom at Eurocuchina emphasizes the point that the idea of the book is to show people real kitchens. At the show this year we made a big dream a reality. The kitchens we demonstrated are the kitchens from the book.


More than just a demonstration, this book shows a way of living. A style to living life in. As a part of the show LEICHT invited two of the architects to the show to represent their vision. Joao Armentano from Sao Paulo, Brazil one of the two architects whose kitchens are featured here in Millan joins us and talks about his inspiration designing a forward thinking kitchen.

Before heading off Leicht CEO Stephan Waldenmeier mentions architect Keng Fu Lo. The dream for LEICHT is that seeing their kitchens in amazing projects around the world and that this show celebrates the reality that it has happened.

You can download you digital copy of ARCHITECTURE + KITCHEN III Here: LEICHT New York

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