Leicht at Eurocuchina: New York City Kitchen

An exciting modern kitchen with design elements o incorporate open space design into kitchen space creating an incredible blended living example. What make this video even more exciting is that all the way in Millan and we have a NY kitchen at Eurochina. It is special to see work from our area represented in a stunning way.Shimon Garibi and Sheri Mercadante give us a special tour through the LEICHT showroom at the show. Starting with the “New York City Kitchen.” They introduce the some new LEICHT features and discuss modern kitchen design.

The urban home now tends to combine the kitchen and living room space, opening space and presenting new design opportunities. This kitchen features a design aesthetic for modern urban life. Open layout living spaces call for a harmonious design. To transition spaces seamlessly appliances are integrated behind pantry doors. The center island is built to define space by proving a common area to meet between the two spaces. It also features LED lights with varied color temperature to provide design control.

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