Nobilia at Eurocuchina: The 5 Way Handleless Kitchen

Milan is the city of design, Nobilia introduces their booth at Eurocuchina with handle-less kitchens. The first kitchen they demonstrate shows 5 different handle-less designs.

Why are handle-less designs important for kitchens? They open up design possibilities. Removing handles from the design of a kitchen allows for clean fronts, symmetry, and increased ease of use. Different handle-less hardware options are available for all the doors of a kitchen, from touch latch doors, doors that swing open vertically, handle-less solutions for integrated appliances (called N Vertical) and introduce toe open cabinets.

Hardware options are a point of pride for Nobilia. Unlike other kitchen manufacturers, Nobilia engineers and manufactures the hardware you see featured. This gives consumers the option to use super premium German hardware at a fraction of the price of comparable products.

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